My singles and albums published

  • A Way of Life

    A Way of Life

    This is the cover of success that has been inserted in the official website of the Maestro Has Zimmer.

    1. A Way of Life

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  • My Grandfather was a Cherry Tree

    My Grandfather was a Cherry Tree

    1. The Cherry
    2. Happiness
    3. The Birth of the Affection
    4. I Love You Grandpa
    5. This Is the Life

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  • The New Era

    The New Era

    1. The New Era
    2. Electro Piano
    3. Amazing

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  • Time


    1. Risveglio
    2. Pathos
    3. Nothing Lasts Forever
    4. Madness
    5. Life
    6. Time
    7. Phenomenal

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